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Fly Fishing Montana, Missouri River Style

September 17th, 2010

These are some fish that were caught on the Missouri River last week.  The fishing was consistant everyday, with most of our success coming from the use of streamers in and around various structure and weedbeds.  Both of these clients came up from Phoenix to escape the heat and enjoy the cool atmosphere of the Missouri River. 

First fish of the trip . . .200 yds downriver from the put-in

Nice fish Jim

Jim is great at cathing fish, but needs a bit of work holding on to it for the picture. No fish were injured in the production of this photo.

Montana Fly Fishing – Missouri River

August 2nd, 2010

Wow!!! We just slammed them on the Missouri last week!

What a great catch!!

and another

and another

Fly Fishing Montana

July 14th, 2010

Yet another great one

This young lady caught fish, after fish, after fish.   She out fished her dad and the rest of her family

Small, but better than her Dads


This one deserves a kiss!!

Montana Fly Fishing

June 30th, 2010

Jim from Washington caught a great one

Steve from Minnesota had a big catch this day

This was a great day for Steve and his Uncle Jim on the Lower Madison.  They rode in on their Harley’s from different parts of the county and met in the middle.

Fly Fishing with Harry and Friends

April 18th, 2010

A great day for Harry in May 2009

Another big fish from Harry

Harry's friend on the Yellowstone River

Harry's friend Rip rips another big fish on the Upper Madison

First fish of the day on the Missouri River

I think Harry likes fly fishing on the Upper Madison

Harry, his wife Jody and their family and friends have been fishing with Trey and Yellowstone TroutScout for the last 11 seasons.  If you have noticed this web site over the last few years, you would have seen many pictures of  Harry and family.  This is because we fish together about 30 – 40 days each season (all over Montana).  When he is not on the golf course or the tennis court, he is fishing in one of our boats.

Not only are Harry & Jody great friends, but excellent anglers as well.  We are looking forward to another great season with Harry and his family.  There are a lot of fishing guides in Montana . When a family comes back year after year, 30 – 40 days per season, you know we do it right.  Just ask Harry.

Livingston, Montana Fly Fishing

April 18th, 2010

Stephen nails another nice brown on the Yellowstone

Last summer (2009) Stephen caught this beautiful brown on the Yellowstone River which flows through the heart of Livingston, Montana.  This great fish was caught on a streamer just as the Yellowstone started to drop and clear from the runoff.  Runoff was pretty much finished  on the Yellowstone around July 15th.  This year we feel that the river should be clearing and fish-able ,with better than 2 feet of visibility about the 3rd week in June, 2010.

Fly Fishing on the Yellowstone

April 18th, 2010

Fly Fishing the Lower Madison

Nell and her family have been fishing with Yellowstone TroutScout for about 10 years now.  This fish was caught on a hopper and is a good example of a healthy rainbow within the Madison River system.

Fly Fishing Montana

April 10th, 2010

a great day on the lower Madison

One of our regular clients caught another great fish on the Lower Madison in late June 2009.